Pump Clips – Show your face

Turned pump clipWould you turn your back to a customer when they are talking to you? What sort of message would that give about you and your pub? It says you are not interested in them. You have nothing to say. End of.

Of course you wouldn’t do that and yet across the country customers are frequently faced with the butt end of a pump clip.

A turned pump clip is not pretty and gives the wrong message to your customers. It gives the impression that your beer is not important. Think of all those expensive keg fonts on your bar. A lot of money has been spent designing and producing them and for a very good reason. A smart, well designed dispense is associated with a quality product!

I know it is tempting to turn a pump clip round when a beer has gone, but please don’t be tempted to do it. Not even for five minutes when you are pulling through a new cask. Best bar practice is to take the pump clip off – even if it means having to find that screwdriver! It will be worth it. Don’t show your back side.

Brett says: Adopt a regime to never turn around pump clips. Make sure your staff are aware. Keep a small screwdriver near the bar and make sure all staff know where it is.

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